What is the difference between a Constantmesh and Synchromesh Gearbox?

The difference between getting your HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence in a synchromesh gearbox or a constantmesh is that the Heavy Rigid licence will be issued with a condition-b because your heavy vehicle training and assessment has been carried out in a vehicle with a synchromesh transmission (or gearbox). The condition - B (restriction) is also applied to training conducted in a heavy rigid truck with automatic gearbox.

ABC Driving School offers courses in all transmission types:

Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence Course - automatic gearbox - Western Sydney

Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) Licence course - synchromesh gearbox - Western Sydney & Central Coast

Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) Licence course - constantmesh (or roadranger) gearbox - Western Sydney, Central Coast, Kogarah & Wollongong

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