How can I remove a "B-Restriction" from a Class HR or HC?

To remove a B Restriction from a HR or HC Licence you must sit a Competency Test in a HR (Heavy Rigid) vehicle with a constantmesh or roadranger gearbox.

There are three options available to you.

  1. Apply for and sit a 'Short Manual Driving Test' with the RMS where you will be tested on your ability to control the vehicle using a Constantmesh gearbox.
  2. Wait 12 months and upgrade to the next licence class using HVCBA in a Constantmesh vehicle.
  3. Call one of our Heavy Vehicle Training Centres and ask about completing a Competency Test or 'CT' in one of our Heavy Rigid (constantmesh) trucks. Prices will vary depending on your experience. Call your local centre for further details. Arndell Park (near Eastern Creek); Kogarah; Central Coast; or Wollongong.

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